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Mission Statement
Xavtel listens to the customer and market needs, and works together to deliver continuous improvement as well as innovative audio & video solutions in every aspect to benefit our customers through communication, also makes it as a core beliefs to supply goods and services of superior and sustained value to our customers.   

We are committed to building a family of the world's best audio brands offering superior customer-engaged experiences that drive long-term loyalty and deliver sustained growth.

Xavtel Company
Xavtel was established out of 30 years of experience in the Voice Alarm & Public Address markets. As a leading company in the development, manufacturing and distribution of “Breakthrough” audio solutions for these markets, the PAX ProAV Group has decided to establish a new brand to focus on the audiovisual market segment in our industry. Xavtel has started 5 years ago to develop high tech products for the Pro AV market, which incorporates Audio & Video on the same network and provides innovative solutions for Conferencing and multi-room DSP´s.

Due to its long history of developing high speed networks, Xavtel is one of the industry leading companies, which offer various high-speed network topologies, helping to find the best solution for each project. The consultants and integrators can choose to either use a “star wired” or a “redundant ring” network topology, whatever fits best for the application.

Xavtel's proprietary "Acoustic Clarity" and Acoustic Echo Cancellation algorithm enables group calls without echoes, dropouts or feedback which optimizes excellent speech and audio quality.

Xavtel operates state of the art R&D and manufacturing facilities in USA, Europe and Asia. We are able to respond rapidly to the demands of our various vertical markets with advanced, specific solutions, innovation and technology. You can rest assured that our technology is always “cutting edge” with a view to the future. 

Services & Product Portfolio

Xavtel excels in fully integration of networked Conference, Public Address and Background Music systems connected either via standard IP-networks or using Xavtel's own proprietary networks with extremely low latency. The 100Mbit Xavnet™ network carries up to 64 audio channels over a redundant ring structured network, and is equally suitable for both “Installed Sound” and “Pro-Sound” applications. The 1Gbit Xavnet™ offers even up to 420 audio channels with extremely low latency (1ms)!

Our products and our networking technology not only deliver concert quality audio but also comply with current international industry standards.  Xavtel's product lines fit in a variety of market segments including office environments, conference centers, exhibition centers, shopping malls, airports, hotels, churches, casinos, arenas, nightclubs, restaurants, or any other project which requires a secure, high fidelity integrated and networked system solution.

Featured Products


  • DIAOLOGO products offer a nice variety of table-top conferencing systems with state of the art AEC for crystal-clear voice during conferences.
  • SENATOR is a truly networked and fully digital Conference & Interpretation system which also allows for voting applications and Sign-in functions. Its scalability and patent pending technologies is outstanding in the industry! No external DSP is needed if it comes to VoIP connection for teleconferencing, AEC or external sound reinforcement systems. It´s all on board in DCP1000 DSP Processor!
  • OCTO Jr is a “Stand alone” easy to use DSP audio processor which provdies variety of I/O configuration. The OCTO-link™ is a proprietary digital audio and data bus, providing Audio I/O and control over a distance of 250m using the RWD wall-mount remote devices connecting via CAT6 cable! 

Xavtel is constantly strengthening it's organization, expanding it's portfolio and it's geographical presence with a goal of "best in class" technology, distribution coverage, channel partners, and customer support. Xavtel relies on years of development efforts with a strong background in Voice Evacuation and Mass Notification, Xavtel knows how to develop extremely secure, high speed networks and processors and the Senator platform has incorporated all the latest and greatest developments. For more information, please contact Xavtel groups.