Next Generation Audio, Video And Teleconferenceing

  • Repairs and Warranty:
    • In order to help you locally and as fast as possible, we would like you to first ask your local Xavtel distributor in case of technical issues or repairs. In case you do not find your local Xavtel partner, then please contact the Xavtel customer support.
  • Contact our Support service:
    • If you need specific support with individual servicing or update offers from the technical team, please register pushing the "Contact Us" Tab and follow all steps.
    • You will receive support from a local Xavtel representative or from Xavtel directly if there is no local representative in your country.
  • Technical Product Training:
    • Training is offered locally from our global Xavtel representatives. This enables your technicians to handle and operate our products and systems correctly. Please contact them for a date and sign up for reservation.