Next Generation Audio, Video And Teleconferenceing

The OCTO Jr is a stand-alone DSP processor which comes with 6 fixed analog in and 6 fixed analog out, plus 3 configurable I/O slots, and E-card slot is for specialty I/O card which can be installed as either 4 channel digital OCTO-Link card or 2 channel analog audio output card. Therefore, the possible configuration of OCTO Jr includes 18x10 I/O, 14x14 I/O and 10x18 I/O by 4CH OCTO-Link, or 14x8 I/O, 10x14 I/O and 6x16 I/O by 2CH analog audio output.

The OCTO-Link card provides two audio channel inputs and two channel audio outputs to simultaneously transmit bi-directional data communication in digital format; hence a wide variety of digital I/O expansion remote such as Xavtel's RWD devices, and OL-AMP Low-Z digital amplifier can be connected to the OCTO Jr through OCTO-Link for decentralized multi-room applications. The connection of OCTO-Link can be easily connected through STP CAT5/6 cable.

The OCTO Jr also comes with a RS485 port and an Ethernet port for 3rd party control, plus 4CH logic I/O and the 2CH control inputs for further expansion. The OCTO Jr features 6 programmable knobs, allowing for direct control of any DSP function on the front panel. In addition, a USB port located on the front panel supports music and message playing, whilst a mini-USB port located on the rear panel can connect to PC/Laptop for AEC distance conferencing via Skype, WeChat, WhatsAPP, etc. In order to adhere the 'easy to use’ principle, the pre-defined and fixed configuration allows the system programming on OCTO Jr Designer software without any efforts!