Next Generation Audio, Video And Teleconferenceing

The DDB104 Mic Junction Box is the heart of the digital 64 channel audio network of Senator system, it connects to the CDM-Net-Loop card equipped in the DCP1000 processor. With the 2 connection ports on the two side of DDB104, the redundant network loop which used with Xavnet can be achieved for the highest safety demand in case of cable disconnection. The 4 mini XLR connections on rear side of DDB104 are used to connect up to 4 delegate units (CDM1000, CDM-T5 etc.), and up to 63 DDB104 boxes can be cascaded to a single CDM-Net-Loop card placed in the DCP1000 processor.

The cable connection of DDB014 can use either CAT5/6, Fiber Optic (Multi Mode and Single Mode) or even with one of each per side, allowing flexible system setup and distance capability among several rooms. The DDB104 can either be powered via the CDM-Net-Loop cables(audio, data and power supply) or be powered with an external PSU.