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Isidor Bajić Music and Ballet school - Novi Sad - Serbia 

The new school will have the capacity for 1500 students and 200 members of the staff in the music school, and for 600 students and 60 members of the staff in the ballet school. The total surface of school is 12,520 m2 and it will have two concert halls: bigger City Concert Hall with 430 seats and smaller school concert hall with 150 seats.
The number of floors of the new music and ballet schools in the ballet section is: basement + ground floor + two floors, in the music section: basement + ground floor + 3 floors, and in the section of the City Concert Hall: ground floor + 3 floors. 

  • Country: Novi Sad, Serbia
  • Installed year: 2019
  • Installed system:
    • OCTO Jr audio processor
    • RWD-AIO remote touchscreen controller