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SENATOR Conference System Excels in Guang'an Bureau of Education 


The conference room of Guang'an Bureau of Education was equipped in 2016 with the SENATOR system. This objective of this project is needed to be simple to set up; Xavtel offered the SENATOR system in fixed DSP configuration, with less cables connection to each delegate units.

The industry first functionality of Auto-Mix-Minus calibration shall be achieved by using the DCA660 amplifier. This Auto-Mix-Minus calibration will automatically adjust the suitable parameters to prevent the feedback of the system for every room. This shall not only help for the first setup or installation of the system, but also help in an everyday use when the seating layout in the room has changed. Specifically, every delegate units can be set with individual PEQ, Voice Gate, volume control etc., the DSP adjustment can be easily controlled and managed via Senator Designer software.

  • Country: Guang'an Bureau of Education, China
  • Installed date: December, 2016
  • Installed system: SENATOR system