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Conference and Voting Solution for a Conferencing Room in Tokyo

This project is designed to let each attendee has individual delegate unit and a voting unit. The voting unit is connected to the delegate unit directly, it allows to perform the real-time voting, and display the voting instruction, voting time (count down) and voting result on an exclusive Senator Designer software. The voting can also be conducted as a public voting or a secret voting. In addition, the installation is integrated with other 3rd party system to control the SENATOR system.
The SENATOR system was selected as the supplier that could best fit the needs of ease of use system setup and functions, individual DSP adjustment such as EQ, AGC, Voice Gate etc. for each delegate unit, easy integration with 3rd party control software and voting application.

  • Country: Tokyo, Japan
  • Installed date: March, 2017
  • Installed system: SENATOR conference system