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Auditorium of the Government Office in Babushkinsky District


Babushkinsky District, Moscow is an administrative district of North-Eastern Administrative Okrug - one of the high-level territorial divisions of Moscow, Russia.

Babushkinsky district is safe from an environmental point of view. It has a lot of green spaces and almost no large industrial enterprises. With 6 educational institutions, including the Moscow Suvorov Military School, 3 general educational complexes, including 10 schools and 15 kindergartens. It offers residents of trade, consumer services and catering, multi-functional shopping centers.

  • Country: Moscow, Russian Federation
  • Installed date: 2019
  • Installed system:
    • SENATOR conference system (DCP1000, DCA660, DDB104, CDM1000)
    • JD wall-mount loudspeakers