Next Generation Audio, Video And Teleconferenceing

Volume Control & Source Selector

 US Type                                       EU Type

The RWD-PVC is a wall mount remote which provides source selection and volume/parameter control from up to eight audio sources. The RWD-PVC is consisted of eight LEDs for channel selection indicators, eight LEDs for volume selection, one LED for power on/off on the front panel, together with two up/down function buttons for channel selection.

The RWD-PVC can be easily pre-programmed via software and provides audio selection and level control remotely. The RWD-PVC is connected and powered via STP CAT5/CAT6 up to 820ft/250M through OCTO-Link.

The RWD series also comes with a IR receiver built-in for user to control the unit without standing in front of the machines. All of these devices may integrates into our life and create a truly smart homes/offices. The RWD-PVC fits in both standard US and EU type of wall boxes for in-wall or surface mount applications.