Next Generation Audio, Video And Teleconferenceing

The OL-AMP is equipped with 2 amplifier output channels (max. 20W output power/each), 2 control inputs and 2 contact outputs, RS485 for external remote control, 24VDC power input and two RJ45 OCTO-Link connectors for cascading with the next OL-AMP or RWD devices. Up to 16 OL-AMP or one RWD device (at the end of the bus) can be daisy chained via OCTO-Link.

Each OCTO-Link port provides 2 audio channel inputs and 2 audio channel outputs which simultaneously transmits bidirectional data communication in digital format. The installation and cabling process allows a direct connection with the OL-AMP via STP CAT5/6 up to 820 ft/250M. Additionally, the distance can be extended via an additional repeater.