Next Generation Audio, Video And Teleconferenceing

The OCTO Jr is a stand-alone DSP audio processor which comes with 6 fixed analog audio in, analog audio output, and 6 fixed analog out, plus 3 additional I/O card slots (C slot, D slot and E slot), and the E-card slot is for specialty I/O card which can be installed as either 4 CH digital OCTO-Link card or 2 CH analog audio output card, allowing the OCTO Jr to be easily expanded its I/O for different kinds of applications.

The PC/Laptop based OCTO Jr Designer software provides a variety of pre-defined I/O configuration, making the OCTO Jr to easy setup, program and control the entire system.

The OCTO Jr also incorporates a powerful DSP library and functionality such as AGC, A.N.G (Auto Noise Gain), PEQ, Feedback, Hi/Lo Pass, message player, scheduler, event management, In/Out streaming, VoIP and SIP client, level control etc.

The OCTO Jr also equips with a USB interface for music playing, recording and storage on the front panel; whilst on the rear panel, a Mini-USB interface can be connected to PC/Laptop for distance conferencing via Skype, QQ, WeChat, WhatsApp, etc.