Next Generation Audio, Video And Teleconferenceing

DDB104 is the main network connection box between the DCP1000 digital conference processor and the CDM delegate units. It will be connected by using the CDM-Net-Loop cables. The cables can transport power, digital audio and data between CDM devices and the DCP1000.

Due to the high-speed network, it allows to store all data of each delegate unit into the DCP1000 and recall the data at the moment the CDM unit is engaged. It saves a lot of processing power, but allows the System for unique DSP functions! To prevent unexpected cable disconnection, the DDB104 can communicate to one DCP1000 processor by 2 CDM-Net-Loop connections (Closed Ring). This makes the whole System completely redundant! Up to 63 DDB104 units can be connected to a single CDM-Net-Loop card. Each unit can handle 4 delegate units or other devices such as VOTEPAD-DR. It has the LED indicator on the front panel to recognize faulty disconnection. There are 2 types of interfaces available for the DDB104: CAT5/6 or Fiber Optic connections.