Next Generation Audio, Video And Teleconferenceing

The DCP900 Digital DSP Conference Procesoris the central controller of the Senator900 system. It can connect up to 64 DCA660 digital 6 Ch. amplifiers and 100 delegate units in a redundant loop or two daisy chains, with each chain capable of handling up to 50 delegate units. The DCP900 supports multiple interfaces like USB recording, two AUX audio inputs, two pairs of RCA line output, XLR connector for mic input (incl. 24V phantom power), 4CH. analog inputs, 4CH. analog outputs, RS485, RS232 and Ethernet port for 3rd party control (PTZ camera, projector etc.).

The DCP900 integrates DSP functions such as Level Gate, AEC, PEQ, AGC, FBX. Each of them can be adjusted, stored and processed individually for each delegate unit. With Xavtel’s optional AEC-Card using our ultra-fast RAPIDO™ AEC algorithm, the Senator 900 system is capable of using VoIP function with SIP protocol for distance and web conferencing applications. The Senator 900 system supports an NOM of 8 microphones activated simultaneously (changes to NOM of 4 if AEC is activated).