Next Generation Audio, Video And Teleconferenceing

The DCA660 is a digital conference amplifier which comes with 60W x 6CH of power on a 4 ohm load. Up to 64 units can be daisy chained via standard CAT5/6 cable to the DCP900 conference processor. The different ID numbers of each DCA660 will be set via the DIP switch located on the rear side of each amplifier. The DCA660 also has all the necessary protection circuits on board to detect the issue of overload or overheat, and protect the device against all potential hazards. In addition, the status LEDs will light up when overload or overheat issue occurs.

The DCA660 comes with extra DSP power including the industry first Mix-minus auto calibration, this unique function will automatically adjust the suitable parameters to prevent the feedback. The additional DSP also includes Gain-Sharing Auto Mixer, 5 bands PEQ, Feedback Suppressor and Delay for each of the 6 amplifier channels. 

Due to the fact that Xavtel uses a proprietary digital audio protocol to connect the DCA660 via the MDA Link connection, the distance between the DCP900 and each connected DCA660 amplifier can be up to 328 ft/100m (STP CAT5/6), this will allow for the most flexible and distant installations. Plus, there is no more AD/DA conversion, all audio signals will stay in the digital domain.