Next Generation Audio, Video And Teleconferenceing

The CDM-T5 Desktop Chairperson Delegate comes with 5" LCD touch screen, a built-in loudspeaker, XLR connection for Xavtel's gooseneck microphones. The mic is available in different length, and also includes the connection for an external headset. The CDMT5 allows for the full system control of the Senator System, from the capability of volumes changes, settings, paging and dialing if used in a distance or web-conference. The CDM-T5 has a mini USB connector placed at the right side of the unit, allowing for an easy-to-setup web-conferencing system with the use of optional AEC-Card of DCP1000 for a direct connection to any PC/Laptop. This unique feature allows every standard conference to become either a distance conferencing or a web conferencing system at the same time. No more integration or extra cabling of the system will be needed!

Other functions such as the selection of the conference modes, the selection of the GUI language, start/stop the USB recording function and all other system relevant parameters or levels can be adjusted via the CDM-T5. The CDM-T5 also offers a dedicated paging button, which allows for preselected zone paging. The dialer section has either a speed dial page or a numeric page to either recall preprogrammed connections via SIP Server (WAN) and direct to VoIP Phones or VoIP PBX systems, or to directly dial any number needed to make a distance conference connection. The CDM-T5 also offers 2 mini jack connectors next to the mini USB to connect any 3rd party headsets to the system.